John Morrison who returned 61 years after crash landing there to thank the Norwegian people who had assisted him and other members of his crew, after they found themselves on the run in German occupied Norway in 1942.
Unveiling of the memorial at Elverum and Sørmo farm in Markabygd 2.6 2003

In May 2004 Mr. John Morrison came back again to visit the people from the farms Elverum and Sørmo.

John Morrison er tilbake ved minnesteinen igjen

Torbjørn Hellan overrekker flygerhjelmen til eieren igjen.

Morrison og dattersønnen, Craig Defty studerer smådeler fra flyet.

Photo 20.May 2004 Kjell Sørensen

Halifax MkII Movatnet Markabygd

35.Squadron RAF W1053 TL-G 28-29.4 1942

Took off at 2035 hrs from RAF Kinloss in Scotland to participate in an attack on the German Battleship Tirpitz which was moored at the time in Fættenfjord in Norway. The aircraft was hit by AA fire while flying over Tirpitz and caught fire. The pilot managed to crash land the aircraft on some farmland just east of Lake Movatnet. One member of the crew was killed, the others attempted to escape to Sweden but were captured and taken POW.

Pilot.P/O Johnny Roe.(21) Navigator Sgt.Reg Williams(23). W/Op Air Gunner Sgt.John Morrison.(20) W/Op Air Gunner Sgt. Cyril Frederic Russell(21)KIA. Tail Gunner F/Sgt. Bill Parr(20). Flight Engineer Sgt. Dennis Butchart(21).

Full story at Linzee Druce web site:Here

20.May 2007 Mr. Morrison visited the memorial at Fættenfjord and Markabygd again. He also found some pieces of his Halifax at the crash site in Markabygd.
Photo: Hoel family via M.Moe
Fættenfjord 20.05 2007
Markabygd 20.05 2007