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A "Kette"(four planes) were flying in a right turn from the fjord towards the Moksnes farm. When passing Moksnes at 09.30, two of the airplanes collided at low altitude. People working on the potatofield could see a rudder fell off and the the a/c lost control and crashed into the left wing tip of Fw.Jürgen Böttger's a/c. Uffz.Porcher's aircraft plunged nose first into the potato field 80 meters west of the people working on the field. The aircraft did not explode, but there was a lot of smoke. German forces from Revland and Moksneslia entered the scene whith in minutes, but it was too late to save the pilot. The other damaged Messerschmitt managed to get back to Værnes airfield. The body of the pilot and the aircraft was removed from the field later in the evening.

Hendelsen er beskrevet av Leif Moksnes i Frostaboka Bind IX. Han var en av de fire som var ute på potetåkeren den dagen. Facimile 1 2 3

Uffz.Porcher er begravd på Havstein krigskirkegård i Trondheim.

The crash site area of WNr.8146
Moksnes farm
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Messerschmitt Bf 109 F-2 Moksnes, Frosta

11./IV./JG 5 WNr.8146 Uffz.Heinz Porcher(23) 29.06 1942