Heinkel He 111 H-4 Gjømmervatnet, Misvær Nordland

Stab.KG 26 1H+FA 28.05 1940

Made a forced landing on the frozen lake Gjømmervatnet due to damage received by a Gladiator of 263.Sqdn (F/L Billy Williams) above the Ofot fjord. Shortly after they were picked up by another He 111 of KG 26, but it did not manage to take off from the lake and both aircraft were set afire.
Fw.Gerhard Wunsche. Oblt.Karl Georg Streng. Fw.Erich Heinz and Fw.Erich Fleddermann (or Uffz.Horst Gersternkorn).

Pilot of the other Heinkel was Ofw.Hackner, but it is not certain which crew belonged to which of the two aircraft.

After having destroyed the Heinkels, they walked over the mountain and down to the farm Kårbøl and further on to Saltdal.
After a long walk they were united with German forces.

19.11 1940 the crew of 1H+FA, except Fw.Fleddermann, lost their lives in France.

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