Photo via Stuart Hadaway. Royal Air Force Museum Hendon

Douglas Boston A-20G Midt-Skagen, Vardø Finnmark

3./9.gvMTAP (or 3./36.MTAP) VVS SF(Northern Fleet) 16.10 1944

The Boston bomber was shot down during an attack on a west-ward bound German convoy near Kramnes at 14:40. A total of four Bostons were lost during this attack. Two of them crashed into the sea, one drifted to the shore at Langbunes. This convoy was also attacked near by Skallnes at 13:01 on the same day. A Ilyushin Il-2 "Shturmovik" of 3./46. ShAP was lost in that attack.

Left: Remains of the Boston bomber which crashed at Midt-Skagen in Vardø during the attack on the German convoy.
Hornøya and Reinøya is seen in the background on the photo.

TheRussian crew were killed in the crash at Midt-Skagen. They vere buried at the site and their graves were forgotten as years went by. Two of the graves were re discovered again in the late 70's. Their names is still not known. source: Rune Rautio.

In 1946 a British MRES expedition was sent out on an operation called "Pole search". Their task were to find and bury the remains of allied pilots killed during the war. This picture is taken by one of the members of this expedition.