The pilot Uffz.Vincenz Schwarz and his observer Ltn.z.See Ulrich Burk, were both buried at the crash site in the summer of 1940. They were later moved to Havstein Cemetery in Trondheim.

The Bordfliegerstaffel(ship-borne squadron) was based at Hommelvik See, north of Trondheim. The staffel performed mainly convoy escort and anti-submarine duties

Photos 22.July 2002 ©kjell sørensen
B&W-photos via Luftwaffe im Focus. © Axel Urbanke

Arado Ar 196 A-2 Trollhesten, Otrøy Møre og Romsdal

5./Bordfliegergruppe 196 WNr.0064 19.08 1940

Hit mountainside at Midsundvatnet, Otrøy in Møre og Romsdal, during search for the Arado below. Ltn.z.See Ulrich Burk and Uffz.Vincenz Schwarz were killed in this crash. Both rest at Havstein Cemetery in Trondheim.

Another Arado from the same unit was also lost that day. While escorting M/S "Dithmarschen" in the Moldefjord, WNr.0053 flew into the power cable between Skår and Dryna. Uffz. Martin Eichborn and Lt.z.See. Alois Hirschberger were both killed in this accident.

© gunnar iversen
© gunnar iversen