Junkers Ju 88 A-1 Mardal, Sømna Nordland

6./II./KG 30 16.05 1940

This might be one of the three Ju's that were attacked by Skuas of 803 (FAA) Squadron above Tjeldsundet.
The battle lasted for 30 minutes, but no claims were made. The aircraft performed a successful forced landing on a flat field at Mardal farm.
The crew was unhurt. Pilot Lt. Heinrich Diermeyer.Gefr.Georg Schutz. Uffz.Anton Schlösser.Obergefr.Heinrich Koch.They stuffed the aircraft with hay from the nearby farm, and set the aircraft afire. Name of crew via Larry Hickey

The Ju came in from the sea and landed here
21.06 2010 © kjell sørensen

The crew refused to surrender to Lensmann Jacobsen from the local Home Guard, only a military officer was acceptable.

At the same time a German sea plane entered the scene. The crew shot a flare and shortly after the seaplane landed and picked up the crew.