Bullet proof glass and other small parts at the site. September 2001

DB 605 engine and machine cannon at Rustkammeret in Trondheim. photo:M Moe
©Kjell Sørensen
Another visit 18.October 2003. Searching for clues of werknumber.(failure again!)

Right: New visit to the crash site again, Saturday 3.April 2004. This time we were lucky and found a piece of aluminium marked werknr.14111. A very good start of this years wreck research me think.

Werknr.14111 belonged to a Messerschmitt bf.109G-1 of IV./JG.5
Me, pointing out where the engine came to rest.

Messerschmitt Bf 109G-1 Solemsvåttan Malvik

IV./JG.5 10.Staffel NI+SQ WNr.14111 11.11 1942

Engine failure. The pilot bailed out unhurt, but lost one shoe(and his aircraft). Solheimsvåttan is a wooded hillside just north of Jonsvatnet.