The twoJumo 213A-1 V-12 engines still here. Numbers on the block: jfr 1021522034
The tail section and other parts from the Ju.188
Looking down at the wrecksite.

Lurudalen strekker seg fra Formofoss i indre Namdalen og nesten helt inn til Græssåmoen nationalpark i Snåsa.

Vrakrestene ligger godt skjult i terrenget, nede i et lite skar.

På vårt 4. besøk den 29.august 2004, lykkes det oss endelig og finne flyets werkenummer på et skilt.

photos:kjell sørensen Snåsa September 2000

Junkers Ju 188 A-3 Lurudalen Snåsa

Lufttorpedostaffel 8./III.KG.26 1H+GS WNr.190349 23.2 1945

They were on a mission over the Norwegian Sea searching for convoy RA 64, when suddenly one of the engines stopped due to technical problems. They aborted their mission and headed back to Bardufoss, but got lost in heavy fog. The four man crew from 7.Staffel KG 26, desided to bail out when they got a glimpse of the ground beneath them. At 14.30 they bailed out at Tulleråsen/ Offerdal in neutral Sweden. They all landed safely and were soon after taken into custody by the Swedish authorities. The A/C continued its flight with only one engine running, and finally crashed at Lurudalen in Norway. Observer Obfhr.Albrecht Ziessler from Lugau. Pilot Uffz.Günter Zierke from Berlin. Mechanic Uffz.Kurt Becker from Meerane, Sachcen. Funker(W/Op) Uffz.Josef Mache from Hinter Brühl, Wien.