Gloster Gladiator Mk.II Lille Haugfjell, Narvik

263 Squadron RAF N5914 P/O James Leon Wilkie (20) 02.06 1940

Took off from Bardufoss at 14:30 along with N5681(P/O Jacobsen) on patrol Narvik/Bjørnfjell. Wilkie was shot down when they attacked two Bf 110's of I./ZG 76. P/O Wilkie was shot down by Leutnant Helmut Lent of ZG 76.

F/O Louis Jacobsen (New Zealand) managed to shot down at least three German Heinkels this day. One of these was He 111 1H+CK which force landed on lake Grøvelsjøen

The remains of the wreckage of Wilkies Gladiator remained on Lille Haugefjellet until the end of 1998. Then the wreckage was recovered and brought to the Jet Age Museum, Gloucestershire Airport for restoration. P/O James Leon Wilkie rest at Narvik New Cemetery

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