The remaining five Gladiators were transfered to a temporary airstrip at Setnesmoen, Åndalsnes.

26th of April N5909 was destroyed by Luftwaffe on the airstrip at Setnesmoen. Craig-Adams crashed Gladiator N5647

Later the same day, the three remaining Gladiators: N5894, N5898, N5904, were destroyed by the British, and all personnel were returned to Scapa Flow on board the freighter "Cape Blanc".

Gloster Gladiator Mk II Lake Lesjaskog Oppland

263 Squadron RAF 25.4 1940

In an attempt to support their Allied troops fighting towards Trondheim, eighteen Gladiators took off from HMS "Glorious" in the evening of 24th April. They landed on the frozen lake Lesjaskog 30 km west of Dombås. The next day, thirteen of the Gladiators were destroyed on the lake by Luftwaffe: N5579, N5588, N5589, N5628, N5632, N5633, N5634, N5639, N5641, N5680, N5714, N5720 and N5915

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