Heinkel He 111H-2 Lesjaleira, Oppland

Stab.LG 1(Lehr-geschwader) L1+BM 25.04 1940

Shot down by Gladiators of 263 Sqdn. (P/O McNamara) during an bomb run on the airstrip at lake Lesjaskog. The Heinkel bomber was badly damaged and the pilot made a forced landing on a flat field at Lesjaleira. They dropped their bomb load some where south of Lora before landing. Fw.Hans Gutt (PoW). Fw.Fritz Wollenberg (PoW). Uffz.Kurt Kern (wounded). Fw.Paul Standtke (PoW)

2009 ©Tor Nørstegård via Thor Broen
Uffz.Kern was wounded by a shot in his ear. The rest of the crew were un hurt. They set the aircraft afire and started walking towards their own forces. Shortly after, they were captured by the British.
via NØFMF/Broen