The Junkers was possibly downed by RAF Blenheims. F/L. Mitchell in R3628 and P/O. Illingworth in L9406

First visit 25.July 2002 Stadtlandet Sogn og Fjordane

Junkers Ju 88A-1 Stadtlandet Sogn og Fjordane

Lehrstaffel 7./III.LG1 L1+BR Forced landing 25.04 1940

Took off from Sola Airport, Stavanger. Attacked by Blenheims of 254 Sqdn. One of the engines stopped and they had to make a forced landing on the plateau Hanekamben. Crew: Ofw.Friedrich Kazmaier. Gef.Gerhard Betzin. Fw.Heinrich Cordes. Gef.Willi Holthausen. They were soon after captured by the Norwegians, and were later shipped to Brittain.

Second visit 19.April 2007 Stadtlandet Sogn og Fjordane
Text on engine block: VDM Hildesheim 32064 211-B72055B 24.5 39 IV
Morten checking in the "Flyalarm" book
Closing in on the crash site
After landing they set the aircraft afire.