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Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-1 Kviknebrona Kvikne

6./II. TrägerGruppe 186 Uffz.Rüdolf Müller (KIA) 1.7 1940

According to locals, three planes were flying towards northwest (Trondheim), but were forced to turn around because of low clouds and fog. Müller was killed when he mistakingly flew into a narrow valley during the turn and hit the ground. The two "surviving" planes flew back in a southeasterly directon. Another Bf 109 (Weisse1), probably from the same unit, made a forced landing at Stormoen, Røros where it hit a house with its wing tip. Pilot unhurt, but very dizzy. Uffz. Müller rests at Havstein Cemetery, Trondheim.

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