Three Fulmars took off from carrier HMS "Victorious" on a mission to Tromsø. During an attack on Voorpostenboot "Elster" in Malangen, this Fulmar was shot down. Sub.LT. R.A.Burroughs parachuted and became POW. Lt.Harry Derek Mathew 28 (KIA). He is buried at Narvik New Cemetery.

There is nothing left to see at this crash site today. The remains of the aircraft are buried under the new road that was built over the crash place.

A Heinkel 111 of KG 26 (WNr.7147 1H+LK) also ditched in the sea in the background 05.07 1942

The area where the Fulmar crashed
Kvaløya 23.08 2006 Druce, Moe & Sørensen on tour

Fairey Fulmar II Torsnesaksla Kvaløya

809 Squadron Fleet Air Arm 04.08 1941