2. August 2021 kjell sørensen
18.08 2005 kjell sørensen


The propeller hub with the 37mm T-9 cannon firing through the propeller hub.

Wing tip. Invert flying fuel tank and an overview of the crash site.

Sør-Varanger 18.8 2005 © kjell sørensen

Bell P-39Q Airacobra Kosinfjellet Sør-Varanger Finnmark

255.MIAP (Fighter Aviation Regiment of the Northern Fleet Air Force). Serial 44-2960 1944

Very little info on this one I'm afraid. This American "lend and lease" single-seat fighter was shot down some time in 1944.
The Russian pilot died in crash. This crash site is well known by locals since the 50's. The local newspaper had an article about this a/c
in 1988, writing about finding of human bones. The signal pistol was found in the pilots boot some time in the 60's.