Boeing Flying Fortress B-17F Åsan, Konsmo Agder

USAAF 92nd Bomb Group 42-29996 PY-R "Flag Ship" 16.11 1943

Crew: 1.Pilot Joseph Francis Thornton. 2. Pilot Witney M. Bray. David C. Besbris. Arthur A. Carmel. Lawrence E. Dennis. John Geegee. Dean M. Sommers. Rolland A. Galloway. Otto F. Trammer. Charles H. Hartnett.

131 planes took part in this raid to the molybden mines at Knaben in southern Norway. Their aircraft was attacked and badly damaged by one of the attacking Messerschmitt's. Uffz.Ernst Breton was credited the kill. Breton was shot down and killed two days later. The Flag Ship crew bailed out and were shortly after captured by the Germans. David Besbris managed to escape to neutral Sweden with the help of locals. Another Bf.109 was also hit and crashed near by Flekkefjord.

Picture taken theday before the raid. Ground crew in front.
Memorial at Konsmo Park
kjell sørensen 6.June 2021