Junkers Ju 88 D-1 Rolvsøy Finnmark

Aufklärungsstaffel 1.(F)22 4N+LH WNr.0881101 07.08 1943

Accidently hit the top of a mountain side at Rolvsøy. Wreckage is littered on both sides of the mountain edge. All onboard were killed in crash. Uffz. Werner Heinze KIA. Uffz. Herbert Klaus KIA. Fw. Erich Rakemann KIA, Oberleutnant Karl Scheiterlein KIA.

Base camp at Trollfjord 26.07 2007 © kjell sørensen/ morten moe
They are all buried at Botn, Rognan
We did not find any remains of the engines. They must be on the bottom of the sea
26.07 2007 © kjell sørensen