Sgt.Nekrasov was caught by the Germans and became POW, while Lt.Aminev and Sgt.Bushkovskij were helped by Norwegians and managed to return to their base at Vaenga on 23.12 1944

Thanks to Rune Rautio for info

Douglas Boston A-20 Kobbfjorden Finnmark

118. RAP VVS SF (Northern Fleet ) 29.10 1944

The a/c was on patrol when they was suddently attacked by two FW 190 F's of 13./JG 5 at Kistrand, 08:00 in the morning. Three of the four man crew parachuted safely at Tufjord: Lt.J F Aminev, Sgt.Bushkovskij and Sgt.Anatolij P Nekrasov. Lt. V A Losovskij went down with the aircraft. He is buried at the crash site.

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