Arado Ar 96 Kirkvoll, Singsås Sør-Trøndelag

Jagdfliegerschule Vaernes KE+126 24.04 1941

According to "Kriegstagebuch Fliegerhorst Vaernes", 12 Arado's and 7 Bf 109's took off from Vaernes on a training flight. One of the Messerschmitt's and six Arado's were shortly after reported missing. By midnight three forced landings were reported to Fliegerhorst Vaernes: One Ar 96 made a forced landing on a field between Kvammen and Melhus. Another one landed by Støren, the third one landed at Kirkvoll by Singsås. The remaining three Arado's made forced landings on the frozen lake Sjulungen by Singsås. The missing Messerschmitt was located the next day. The plane had made a forced landing due to bad weather in the snow at Sollia by Atna.

A Fi 156 landed at lake Sjulungen with supplies to the three Arado's there. Two of the Ar 96 managed to take off the next day, the remaining one had a damaged propeller and had to be repaired.
Arado Ar 96 at Kirkvoll
Gustav Nygård in the cockpit in one of the Arado's on lake Sjulungen.
info via morten moe