Lista, Vest Agder 3.July 2003
They were are all buried at Vanse Churchyard the same day. Very little left of the Halifax bomber here today.
Havariet utløste skogbrann i området
©kjell Sørensen

Halifax B/A Mk III Kallebergheia, Lista Vest-Agder

298.Squadron RCAF NA-660 8A-X 03.04 1945

Took off from Tarrant Rushton at 2235, loaded with weapons ammo and other equipment for the Homefront at Finfold in Grungedal (SOE op.Stirrup 14). Due to a fatal navigational error when returning, they ran into heavy flak from the fortifications at Lista airport. The A/C exploded in the air and crashed into Kallebergheia. All six died.The crashsite lies just behind the main bunker at Nordberg Fort (MKB5/503)

Wing Commander Hubert Law-Wright.(D.S.O., D.F.C., M.S.C.) F/O John Cranston Boyd Rae. F/S Terence Mckeown Stonham.
F/S Denis Sydney Bertram Derrett. P/O Elden Fleetwood Carlisle,from Manitoba, Canada. F/S Geoffrey Brasnett Johnson.