Arthur von Casimir, watching his aircraft rise to the surface on Jonsvatnet. Thursday 2. September 2004

The Heinkel was resting at a dept of 74m.The rescue operation is financed by Deutsche Teknikmuseum Berlin.
The aircraft will be an exhibit at the museum next year.

Jonsvatnet 4.September 2004

Jonsvatnet 5.September 2004
The bomb trays

Abowe: The Heinkel engines was lifted ashore on Wednesday 15. September.

The fuselage on the barge in the background, belongs to another Ju.88. The code on this aircraft is 4D+EM

Heinkel interior
Battle wounds
Jonsvatnet 15.September 2004 foto morten moe

Heinkel 111H-2 Jonsvatnet, Trondheim Sør-Trøndelag

1./KGr.100 6N+NH WNr.2320 20.04 1940

Forcelanded on lake Jonsvatnet after attacking defensive emplacements ashore at Namsos.The Heinkel bomber went through the melting ice in spring 1940. The lake was used as airport in the early days of "Weserübung" . The pilot, Arthur von Casimir was present when the A/C was brought ashore.
The Heinkel was built at Arado-Werke in1939. It was a veteran from the Poland campaign.

picture via Jon Fredrik Hansen
Casimir's Heinkel on the ice.