Junkers Ju 88 A-4 Jänkisjärvi, Haparanda Sweden

6./II.KG 30 (Luftflotte 5 East) WNr.0881777 4D+IP 28.08 1942

Ran out of fuel due to an navigational error. The crew bailed out and landed safely in area Rovaniemi/ Kemijärvi in Finland.
The ac continued flying on autopilot until it hit ground at Jänkisjärvi. The wreck was removed to Linköping and sold as scrap in 1944.
This aircraft ( 4D+PP 6./KG 30) also made a belly landing at Bardufoss Airfield 17.03-42 due to an engine failure.

25.06 2008 © kjell sørensen/ morten moe
Also did a search for a Lancaster at Vännäsberget, but we did not find anything at all. Everything was removed years ago, we later learned.
This was the only piece of the Ju 88 left at the crash site.
b/w photos åke anderson, via owe cronwall
b/w photos åke anderson, via owe cronwall