Have no information at all about this aircraft. It probably got lost and made a forced landing here for some unknown reason.

The number 6911 has been found on one of the aircraft parts. The number 7301 has also been found on a printed plate with the date 25.04.43

17.August 2006 © kjell sørensen
2006 © morten moe

Linzee getting fresh food from the lake near by.

Under en militærøvelse i 1949, ble det funnet beinrester på stedet.

Debriefing at Ifjordfjellet after the search.
ifjordfjellet 3.August 2020 kjell sørensen

Ilyushin IL-2 "Shturmovik" Ifjordfjellet, Finnmark

VVS Probably went down some time in 1945