de Havilland DH-114 Heron 2B Hummelfjell, Hedmark

Braathens SAFE LN-SUR "Lars" 14093 07.11 1956

Took off from Vaernes,Trondheim at 08:30 for a domestic flight to Oslo with 10 passengers and a crew of 2. The flight climbed to a cruising altitude of 8000 feet. Light icing was experienced, which increased rapidly. The Heron started to lose altitude despite of the full use of the de-icing system. They decided to return to Trondheim, but at 09:50 the aircraft struck Hummelfjell mountain at a height of 1350 m.
The Captain, Olav Gabrielsen and passenger Ragnar Gjellum lost their lives. The other ones on board were: Remo Ravndal, Erling Fredriksfryd, Bodil Lerfald, Thorvald Selmer, Victor Norberg-Schulz jr, Knut G. Steen-Hansen, Rolf Kirkvaag, Bjarne Stensrud, fru Stensrud, Mathias Skare.
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Crash site
tor broen NØFMF
Havaristedet Nov. 1956