Junkers Ju 88 D-1 Island Horsvær in Nordland

Wettererkundungsstaffel Wekusta 5 D7+MN WNr.0881181 22.04 1944

Crashed into the sea off Helgeland at 13:45 for unknown reason. All onboard lost their lives. The crash was observed by Olav Iversen and reported to the lensmann in Sømna.

Only the body of Gefr. Artur Beiermann (Radio/Engineer) was recovered from the sea. Hptm. Reinhard Hoese. Ref. Georg Prang (Meteorologist) . Sig. Stefan Maier (Radio/Engineer).

Gefreiter Beiermann was buried on 28.04 1944 at Havstein Cemetery, Trondheim.

This undercarriage found in the sea, probably belongs to this Ju 88. It is now on display at the local museum on island Leka.

photo: kjell sørensen 2001

Leka bygdemuseum 20.06 2010
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