This Airacobra was escorting some Boston bombers on a mission to Kirkenes when it was shot down at this remote place. The pilot,
Senior Leutenant.Voronin KIA. The aircraft was never found by the Germans.
© Photo via Stuart Hadaway. Royal Airforce Museum Hendon
Wreckage on the southern shore of the lake
In 1946 a British MRES expedition was sent out on an operation called "Polesearch". Their task were to find and bury the remains of allied pilots killed during the war. They found some bones at the crash site, buried them and erected a cross
The MRES team (Missing, Research & Enquiry Service) at the northern shore of Holmvatnet. 18th July 1946
Holmvatnet 8.8.2006 ©kjell sørensen/morten moe
Same place 60 years later


Bell P-39Q-15 Airacobra Holmvatnet Sør-Varanger

255th IAP of the Northern Fleet Air Force. Serial 42-20577 27.06 1944