Short Stirling Mk IV Hølen, Agder Arendal

196 Squadron Royal Australian Airforce code ZO-J serial LJ-925 25.02 1945

Shot down by three German Ju 88 nightfightes of 4./NJ.3 from Kjevik and crash-landed on the ice in Hølen. The pilot: Russ G.Tickner, W/O Joseph D. Stevenson and F/S George Humphrey went down with the plane and died. W/O Rolf W.Mann, F/O Jack H.Caldwell and P/O Eric Sidney Quirk managed to parachute. Mann and Caldwell were caught by the Germans shortly after and became PoW's. Quirk managed to hide out until the war ended and was helped by Norwegians. The Ju 88's were flown by Hptm.Hüschens, Oblt.Schultz and Fw.Homann.
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