Handley Page Halifax Hoklingen, Nord-Trøndelag

35.Squadron RAF W1048 TL-S (S-Sugar) 27.04 1942

Took off from RAF Kinloss in Scotland, to participate in an attack on the German Battleship Tirpitz, moored at Fættenfjord north of Trondheim. They were hit by German flak and caught fire. The Halifax bomber flown by Pilot Officer Don MacIntyre (Canada) made a successful crash landing on the frozen Lake Hoklingen. The crew escaped and evaded, with the exception of the Flight Engineer Vic Stevens who had been injured in the crash landing. Navigator Pilot Officer Ian Hewitt. Tail Gunner Sgt. Ron Wilson. W/Op Air Gunner Dave Perry. W/Op Air Gunner Pierre Blanchett. Full story of this Air Raid on Tirpitz, at Linzee Druce web site:here

The aircraft is now on display in the Bomber Command Hall at the RAF Museum of Flight, Hendon, London.

© Harald Eriksen via Morten Moe
© Svein Torske via Linzee Druce
© Harald Eriksen via Morten Moe
30.06 1973. After 31 years resting on the muddy bed of Lake Hoklingen, Halifax W1048 TL-S saw the light of day once again.
© Harald Eriksen via Morten Moe
03.08. 2011 The two daughters of P/O Ian Hewitt at lake Hoklingen.
©kjell sørensen
Ian Hewitt, Dave Perry, Don MacIntyre and Vic Stevens at lake Hoklingen after the war.
The uniform of Pilot Officer Don MacIntyre is an exhibit at Åsen Museum og Historielag.
2011© linzee druce
Åsen Museum og Historielag.