One of the engines and some aluminium parts from the Polish Halifax
The memorial at the site
Photos: kjell sørensen 2.7 2003

Handley Page Halifax Mk II Helleren, Rogaland

138.Squadron PAF W7773 NF-S 30.10 1942

Took off from Tempsford Bedfordshire.Their mission was to deliver arms and three Polish officers to the Polish resistance movement near Lublin. They failed to deliver the goods and were on their way back to England when they crashed into Iljernsbuknuden. All ten lost their lives here. Crew: Pantkowski, Franciszek P/O Wodzicki, Mariusz A. F/Lt. Madejski, Tadusz F/Sgt. Sobkowiak, Franciszek F/Sgt. Zaremba, Franciszek F/Sgt. Zuk, Waclaw F/Sgt. Kozlowski, Czeslaw Sgt. Three SOE agents among the dead: Lt. Stanislaw Hencel, Lt. Wieslaw Szpakowicz and S/Lt. Jerzy Bichniewics.

W7773 Royal Air Force Museum