The aircraft was salvaged by the Germans. Lt.Avdejev and Sgt.Minenkov were buried at Vadsø cemetery, beside the grave of JLt.Jelansky. After the war they were reburied at a Russian war cemetery.

Left: Jlt. Ivan Petrovich Avdeev.
photo via rune rautio

Inspecting the Mikulin AM 38F engine. The engine is only visible at low tide.
Vadsø 7th.August 2006 kjell sørensen

Ilyushin Il-2 "Shturmovik" Havnegaten, Vadsø Finnmark

VVS SF(Northern Fleet ) 46 ShAp(Ground attack Aviation regiment) 26.09 1944

The Russians performed a massive bombing raid against Vadsø this day. The force consisted of Bostons, Curtiss P-40's, Airacobras, Yak-7 and Il-2's. At least two aircrafts were shot down. A Curtiss P-40 ditched south west of Naversodden. Lt.Kravchenko drowned. The Shturmovik was hit by German AA-fire and tried to make a forced landing at sea. Lt.Avdeev and Sgt.Minenkov were both KIA