This A/C was used at Versuchstation Finse, a detachment from E-Stelle Travemünde. This aircraft was originally coded D-ADBT, but got the code TI+HH at Travemünde in oct/nov. 1939.

source: Andreas Brekken

The A/C also had a code containing 4 some time in it's career. Letter H also visible.
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Crashed just three meters below the mountain top which was hidden in a cloud that day.

Heinkel He.115 B (V8) Midtfjell, Hallanger Hordaland

E-Stelle(See) Travemünde TI+HH WNr.1873 16.7 1942

Stationed at "Versuchsstation Finse". The plane crashed into mountain Midtfjell (1250 m) after take off from sea at Bue in Eidsfjord.
Ob.Bootsmann Hubert Kionka. Gefreiter Friedrich Salzer. Kapitan Erich Schütz. (Doktor) Otto Behrens.
All four are buried at Solheim Soldatenfriedhof in Bergen.