Shot down by Skua 6A:L-2940 on fighter patrol over Åndalsnes.
Capt. R.T. Partridge and
R.S. Bostock from carrier Ark Royal.

The Skua got engine trouble and had to force land on the frozen lake Breiddalsvannet. This aircraft was later salvaged and brought to Great Brittain in the 1970's

kjell sørensen
Photos 19.6 2003

Besetningen tente på bombeflyet etter landing.
Motorer og div. skrogrester ligger ved sør-østenden på vannet, like ved gangbrua.

Rester etter tysk minneplate ved en stor stein, bak hotellet på Grotli.

Heinkel He 111 H-3 Heilstuguvatnet, Grotli Oppland
9./III./KG 26 1H+CT WNr.3178 27.04 1940

Took off from Aalborg West in Denmark on a mission to Åndalsnes-Dombås area. They made a bombing run on the British cruiser "Flamingo" in Romsdalfjord when they were attacked by three Skuas(803Sqdn) from "Ark Royal". The Heinkel bomber made a forced landing beside lake Heilstuguvatnet. Pilot Lt. Horst Schopis.(27) Fw.Karlheinz Strunk, (25) accidentaly shot dead by a Norwegian soldier after landing. Uffz. Hans Hauck, (26) killed in the attack. Uffz.Josef Auchtor,(25) wounded by fire from the Skuas.

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