Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6 Gåsvatnet Finnmark

11./III./JG 5 Gelb 8 WNr.412199 Ltn.Jakob Norz (KIA) 16.09 1944

Six Messerschmitts of 11.Staffel took off from Høybuktmoen to intercept a large formation of Russian aircraft attacking Kirkenes. Ltn.Norz managed to shoot down an IL-2 in this air battle over Ropelv, but he received hits in the engine and rudder by the gunner (Sgt.Minejev) of the Ilyushin aircraft. He tried to reach Høybugtmoen, but the a/c was out of control and went straight down to the ground.
crash site of Yellow 8
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According to German reports, the pilot was found dead in the remains of the aircraft.
The Messerschmitt went down just two kilometers north of the downed Ltn Norz was an ace of JG 5 with 117 kills.
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Petsamo summer 1944, Norz in the middle of the photo
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