After landing they set the aircraft afire. After a while they were arrested by the "lensmann" and brought to Rørvik.
Next they were taken onboard HMS Cairo and arrived Scapa Flow on April 22

Far left: This part of one engine is the only thing left at the spot.

Most parts were sold as scrap metal later.


Photo. Summer 2001

Junkers Ju 88 A-1 Garstad, Vikna Nord-Trøndelag

3./I.KG 30 4D+BL 18.04 1940

Ju 88A-1 of 3./KG 30 force landed at Breivika farm, Mellomvikna, during unsuccessful attack on HMS Furious. Low on fuel they landed on a frozen bog near by farm Bjørvik.
Crew: Peter, Hermann Lt. (POW) Drexler, Eugen Ofw. (POW) Napparell, Rudolf Fw. (POW) - BF Burmeister, Günther Uffz. (POW) - BS

NVM of the Ju 88
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