Blohm u. Voss BV 138 C-1 Gamlemshaug, Brattvåg

2./(F)SAGr.130 6I+BK 08.05 1944

Two BV 138 flying-boats had completed a convoy-escort past Stadt. At 08.50, on their return to Trondheim, they were attacked by four Wildcats of Black Flight 898 Sqdn near Lepsøyrevet lighthouse. Both BV's were shot down. 6I+EK force landed north of Hestøya.
Pilot Otto Dippel made a forced landing near the shore, south of the lighthouse. The aircraft received hits in one of the engines and started burning. Uffz.Johann Krölls, Uffz.Willy Wolf and the pilot jumped into the sea and swam ashore. Fw.Ernst Haug, the mechanic, was killed during the attack. He is buried at Havstein. Uffz.Herbert Röder was seriously injured with a bullet in the stomach. He was brought to the hospital at Ålesund and survived. The remains of 6I+BK was saved and dismanteled by the Germans.

Pilot Helmut Rohde, Lt.Schirmanski and radio operator Schöttl from the other flying boat, 6I+EK WNr.311032, were rescued by Ingvald Austnes from Haramsøy. Two crew members were lost without trace.
In 1988 there was an unsuccessful attemt to salvage the aircraft. The Flying boat is still resting upside down, north of Hestøya at a depth of 51 meters and is a popular spot for divers.
Lepsøyrev lighthouse
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The funeral of Fw. Ernst Haug at Havstein Cemetery, Trondheim.
Otto Dippel. 05.09 1917- 22.11 2011
B/w pictures kindly provided by Horst Jeckel
B/w pictures kindly provided by Horst Jeckel
Dippel's flying boat at Ilsvika in Trondheim. Katapultshiff Bussard in the background.