Arrow indicates position of the three engines and the two torpedo tubes. Larger parts of wing section are further down below in the bushes.

Junkers Ju 52/3mg4e Sør-Fugløy, Gildeskål Nordland

2./KG.zbV.108 7U+IK WNr.2863 22.05 1942

Took off from Fornebu at 06.55 bound for Bodø. Flew into a mountain side 25 km. SW of Bodø. Lt. Gerhard Kleiner (F). Obgfr. Gerhard Mathes (Bf). Uffz. Erwin Burchardt (Bm). Obgfr. Fritz Eilers (Bs) and passenger Fw. Friedrich Jurkat of III./KG 30. All five are buried at Havstein Cemetery in Trondheim.

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The aircraft's cargo were luft torpedoes
picture from eBay
picture from eBay
The memorial of the Norwegian u-boat KNM"Uredd" which was lost at Fugløyvær in February 1943.
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