Fw. Koch had just returned to Værnes, Norway from operations in Petsamo, Finland. He was born 21.9 1916 at Heidenheim.

His aircraft was completly smashed at this place, and Koch died shortly after. He rests at Havstein in Trondheim.

Hovdalsvatnet is behind the hill in the background of the right picture.

Left: wiew of lake Hovdalsvatnet in Frosta

Right: Morten, locating small parts of the Focke Wulf. The farm Dalsveet in background.

The crash happened at day time, as schoolchildren was on their way home from school.


Frosta Nord Trøndelag. 24.4-04

photo:kjell sørensen

Hovdalsvatnet at Brenne 24.April 2004

Map over the crash site at Dalsveet in Frosta

First marking indicates the touch down on the little island, Litlholmen. Approximately course to final crash site at Dalsveet

Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-2 Dalsveet, Frosta Nord-Trøndelag

12./JG5 WNr.5492 Fw.Ernst Koch (KIA) 21.1 1943

Engine failure over Frosta on return from convoy protection mission. The pilot tried to land on the ice of lake Hovdalsvatnet, but hit Litleholmen and lost parts of his propeller blade on the ice. The plane bounced off over a hillside, cutting off the tree tops and crashed at Dalsveet farm.