A He 111 was shot down by Skuas of 800 Sqdn. three days earlier, and crashed burning into the sea at Kjørsvika with the loss of all onboard
Tornes © morten moe/ kjell sørensen 11.July 2006

Heinkel He 111 H-4 Tornes, Frænfjorden Molde

9.Staffel /III./LG 1 Lehrstaffel 01.05 1940

Shot down by AA-fire from British ships ("Manchester", "Birmingham", and "Calcutta") passing Havneset on their way to fetch the retreating British Expeditionary Force at Åndalsnes. The burning Heinkel crashed into the fjord. Three of the crew managed to bail out. One of the parachutes was burning. Ltn. Franz Schäfer. Gefr.Franz Schmidbauer. Fw. Friedrich Bock (Buried at Havstein Cemetery, Trondheim). Gefr. Max Dilling (Havstein Cemetery). The bodies of Ltn. Schäfer and Gefr. Schmidbauer were never recovered.


Some locals rowed out and found two of the crew. One was dead. The other one was alive, but died later on the same day.

Right: Facsimile from year book "Gammelt frå Fræna 1995"

Far right: NVM of the two crews from the Heinkel lost at Kjørsvika on 28th. of April, and another Heinkel of KG 26 lost in the same area .

Gfr.Franz Schmidbauer
photo via christian berring