Skatval Church with Forbordfjellet and the crash site in the background.

19. May 2004. Malcolm's sister Muriel Scott (85) with children and grandchildren,visited the memorial at Forbordfjellet.

Far right: Muriel Scott and Hans Olav Løkken.

Photos 1.November 2003 Kjell sørensen
photos M.Moe

Supermarine Spitfire PR IV Forbordfjellet Stjørdal

1st.PRU RAF serial AB 127 10.5 1942

F/O Fredrick Ian Malcolm was shot, or chased down while on a photo reconnaissance flight after the German Battleship Tirpitz, which was moored in Fættenfjord at that time. The Spit was claimed by Oberleutnant Herbert Huppertz,Commander of 9./JG 5 based at Lade.

Oberleutnant Huppertz also shot down another PRU Spitfire AB 307 10.4 1942. The Pilot F/O P G C Gimson (23) lost his life when his parachute failed to open when he bailed out over lake Hammervatnet, Åsen Nord Trøndelag. Huppertz were KIA 8.6 1944.

Fredrick Ian Malcolm, age 25, rests at Stavne Cemetery Trondheim.
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