Fairey Firefly F.R. Mk.I Flerengstrand, Nord-Trøndelag

FAA 1771 Sqdn. Royal Naval Air Service Z1905 "HMS Implacable" 26.10 1944

"OPERATION ATHLETIC". Strike against shipping in Rørvik harbour. Eight Barracudas, escorted by Firefly's attacked an sank s/s "Bærum" and the seaplane tender "Karl Meyer". At 17.00 Z1905 was hit by flak from a battery at Marøya and they crash landed into the sea just outside Williksens brygge at Flerengstrand. Sub.Lt.G.M. Smith managed to bail out and became PoW.

The pilot, Lt.Raymond Martin Shaw (26) from New Zealand went down with the plane and got killed.
sources: For your Tomorrow" by Errol Martyn, and local yearbook from Rørvik

Williksens brygge, Rørvik. 13.07 2012 © kjell sørensen
©linzee druce/morten moe
The aircraft was salvaged a few days later and brought to Rørvik . The body of Lt.Shaw was brought to Trondheim and buried at Stavne Cemetery on 7 November 1944