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©Kjell Sørensen

Junkers Ju 87B-1 "Stuka" Nedre Fiplingvatn, Hattfjelldal

1./St.Gr.1 WNr.5386 A5+JH Lt.Karl Pfeil (KIA). Ogfr.Gerhard Winkels (PoW) 19.04 1940

This Stuka took off from Jonsvatnet on a recce mission. The A/C made a forced landing on the frozen lake Nedre Fiplingsvatn, due to technical problems. The Stuka turned over, but the pilot and gunner were unhurt. Lt. Pfeil was shot and seriously wounded by a sami when they started to walk to the shore. Lt. Pfeil died the next day. He is buried at Havstein Cemetery, Trondheim.

Fiplingvatn ©kjell sørensen. 6.August 2004
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Øvre fiplingvatn
Nedre fiplingvatn
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