Focke-Wulf Fw 189A "Uhu" Finnmarksvidda

1./NaGr 32 V7+1A WNr.788 (125)* 15.10 1944

Made a forced landing on the thin ice of a lake.The wheels broke through the ice and the aircraft was blown up by the Germans. The pilot might be Lt.Friedrich Drexel*.

Part number found on some piece of wreckage
Parts from this aircraft were salvaged in 1993 and ended up in England. The number 0125 was found on one of these parts. ( *name and serial not confirmed yet.)
The catch & release principle...
Mygg & Knotthelvetet 01.08 2007 © kjell sørensen/ morten moe
Found some more pieces on shore 08.07 2008. Under water picture by V Paatero 2008
08.07 2008