Heinkel He 111 H-2 Fagerliseter, Nord-Fron

5.Staffel KG 4 "General Wever" 5J+JM WNr.5388 24/25.04 1940

Attacked by Gloster Gladiators (Donaldson and Mills) during an attack on the British air strip at lake Lesjaskog. The damaged bomber tried to make it back to Fornebu. Oberleutnant Wolfgang Richter was wounded, but managed to make a forced landing at Ansemtjønna. Oberfeldwebel Martin Ziegler and Fw.Augustin were unhurt. One of the crew was left dead onboard. Locals observed heavy smoke at the site 14:30. The crew started walking to Gausdal, but the next day they were surprised by Norwegian forces at the farm Enden in Gausdal. Ziegler and Augustin were killed in the fight 26.4 Lt.Richter was brought to the hospital, but shot himself after he had to amputate his arm.

Facsimiler fra: Årsskrift Gudbrandsdal krigsminnesamling 1997
9.June 2007 © kjell sørensen
"Werkenummer" plate of the Heinkel which crash landed at Ansemtjønna in Nord-Fron.
photo via Robert Grøttan