Junkers Ju 88 D-6 Ernstnuten Rogaland

Aufklärungsstaffel 4.(F)AGr ObdL "Kommando Rowehl" T5+KM WNr.430080 25.12 1942

Accidently crashed at Ernstnuten on a reconnaissance mission to Scotland. Obltn. Oskar Herder. Hptm. Alfred Newe. Uffz. Willi Mathan. Oflwb. Arnold Ewert. All killed in crash.

Morten posing with Wing parts

A little break in Indredal on our way back to the starting point atEspedal.

We also paid a visit to the Ju 88 at Fannafjell the same day.
Ernstnuten 30.June 2003 © K. Sørensen
© dennis aske 1982
A-4 standard tail (A-1/A-5/A-4). There were three types of tailfin/ rudder on the Ju 88
30.06 2003 © morten moe
One of the BMW 801radial engines was brought down to Sola by helicopter in the late 80's, or early 90's.
© dennis aske 1982