Boeing B-17G "Flying Fortress" Beinn Edra, Isle of Skye

15th Army Air Force (AAF) No. 44-83325 03.03 1945

This brand new aircraft started its long trip to Sioia in Italy from Dow Field in Maine. After a refueling stop at Meeks Field, Iceland it continued its flight to RAF Valley in Anglesey, North Wales. This base was a storage depot for American aircraft. When they passed the Hebrides the weather began to deteriorate and when they reached Skye, the mountains there were hidden in thick cloud and mist. The doomed aircraft crashed into the mountain Beinn Edra and exploded, killing all nine onboard. source: "Hell on High Ground" by David W Earl.
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Crew of 44-83325:
Pilot: 2/Lt Paul M.Overfield. Jr.
Co-Pilot: 2/Lt Leroy E.Cagle.
Navigator: 2/Lt Charles K.Jeanblanc.
Radio Op: Cpl Arthur W.Kopp.Jr.
Engineer: Cpl Harold D.Blue.
Gunner: Cpl John H.Vaughan.
Gunner: Cpl Harold A.Fahselt.
Gunner: Cpl George S.Aldrich.
Gunner: Cpl Carter D.Wilkinson.
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The aircraft crashed into a crevice in the upper edge of the mountain. Parts of the plane are scattered all over the hillside below the crevice.
We started walking from Garros towards the mountain ridge of Beinn Edra (611). Easy terrain, only one burn to cross.