Above: Norwegian DH Tiger Moth 145 which landed at Villmannsbu, Dombås. The aircraft is now being restored at Fetsund by Tor Nøstegård's "Stork's Nest" team.
Left: Inspecting parts from a Junker 87 Stuka. Those parts probably fell off a train at Hjerkin area.
photos Summer 2003
Ammunition from Halifax Mk VII serial NA337 of 644 Squadron. Hit by flak and crash landed on lake Mjøsa 23.April 1945. Only one man survived.
Took off from RAF station Tarrant Rushton, on a mission to drop supplies to the Resistance in Grue.
Dombås Krigsminnesamling at Hinden lager, Jora.
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DH Tiger Moth Villmannsbu, Dombås Oppland

Trøndelag flygeavdeling Tiger Moth Nr.145 28.04 1940

Private pilot Conrad Mohr and his mechanic Arne Ankersveen Took off from frozen lake Lesjaskog on April 28, 1940.
They were going to fly it to Northern Norway to escape the advancing Germans. The engine how ever suddenly stopped above Dombås. Mohr performed a successful forced landing. The ac was left at the crash site until it was salvaged by the local War Memorial Group in 1990.