One Ju 52 was shot down by ground fire at Lillehammer, on its way to Dombås. The pilot made a forced landing at Lysegårdsjordet.

Another Ju 52 made a forced landing on its return leg, at Vålebu in Ringebu .

Ju 52 1Z+AC WNr.6077 of Stabskette II/.KGzbV 1 made a forced landing on a field at Sørkedalen at 20.35. Crew: Oblt.Metscher. Oblt.Drewes. Uffz.Schoz. and Eric Feldmann, all un hurt.

1Z+BC WNr.5196 of Stab II./KGzbV 1, made a safe landing on the ice of lake Vänern, Mariestad: Crew: Ofw.Kurt Bartel. Ofw.Josef Becker. Uffz.Werner Röhr. Fw. Ernst Rethmeier.

Ju 52 1Z+MN WNr.5894 of 5.KGzbV 1 crash landed at Krokskogen by Hønefoss. All six on board survived.

Below: On a field at Galterud (Kongsvinger) one more forced landing took place. The crew were unhurt. They were captured soon afterwards. The wreckage of 1Z+CC (WNr.6346) was later repaired.

Acording to locals, two Junkers made a forced llanding at Lauvøya by Rørvik. One took off again after refueling from the other plane. The remaining plane was guarded by the Germans until fuel was received.

Five of the Ju's managed to return to Fornebu.

Junkers Ju 52/3m Gråberget, Dombås Oppland

8.Staffel II./KGzbV 1 WNr.5820 1Z+GS 14.04 1940

Because of the allied landing at Åndalsnes, and the immediate danger of them to join retreating Norwegian forces, Hitler ordered the railway junction at Dombås to be occupied by paratroopers. Fifteen Ju 52's took off from Fornebu at 17:00. The weather was very bad. They were met by heavy ground fire when they reached Dombås.The pilot Ltn. Erich Schiffrer was hit in the head and died. Uffz. Günther Schneider (KIA). Oberfw.Heinrich Beckmeier, Uffz.Johannes Lommert were captured. All twelwe of the paratroopers managed to bail out. Eight paratroopers of I./FJR and two of the crew became POW's . Article in "Flyhistorie" Nr.28/2013 by Jan E Lie.
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Ju 52 1Z+CC at Galterud