At the crash site Linzee, Morten & Kjell on tour 2.nd May 2008

Lockheed Hudson V Clova Hill, Scotland

608 Squadron AM883 UL-N 16.11 1941

The aircraft was on patrol when it flew into high ground in bad weather. Crew: F/S Reginald Charles Wood,buried at Dyce old Cemetery. W/Operator/air gunner Robert John Neville, buried at Watling Street Cemetery, Dartling. F/S Leslie James Pain, buried at Wandsworth Cemetery. Sgt.P J Sheridan (Canada) seriously injured.

On a patrol from Stavanger to Kristiansand. At 2055 hours the aircraft was diverted to Kinloss. The aircraft crashed into a peat hag near top of the hill at 2235 hours. Most of the aircraft was buried at the site.

The wounded rear gunner Sgt.Sheridan, managed to walk down to a near by farm. Due to a broken jaw, he was not able to talk properly. Mistaken for being German he almost got shot.

Below: Dyce old Cemetery where F/S Wood rest.