This was The first B-17 'Flying Fortress' to be shot down in WWII. AN 525 D-Dog was based at Kinloss, Scotland

Crash site at Hamreheia in Bygland Aust-Agder. 5.7 2003

Minneplate med navnene til de omkomne er satt opp ved styrtstedet i Hamreheia.Delvis merket sti opp til havariplassen.

Det er fortsatt mange små deler spredt rundt omkring i terrenget.Det er og håpe at de fortsatt får ligge der.

photos: kjell sørensen

Flying Fortress B-17C Bygland, Setesdal Aust-Agder

90.Squadron RAF WP-D/AN 525 "D-DOG" 08.09 1941

Crew: F/O David A A Romans (RAF)- P/O Frank Gordon Hart (RAF)- Sgt. John Brown (RAF)- Sgt. Peter Barnard Corbett (RAF)- Sgt. Robert Henry Beattie(RAF)- Sgt. Walter George Honey(RAF)- Sgt. Henry Merrill (RCAF). Their target was "Admiral Sheer" wich was in Oslo for repair. Plane shot down by Jacobi and Steinicke of 13./JG.77 in their bf.109T-2.

There were four B-17s participating in this attack, only one returned back safely. One A/C crashed on return at Kinloss. This was AN535 code WP-O. They were attacked by Uffz. Karl-Heinz Woite (2./JG 77). Sgt. Robert Wilkin(27) was killed in this attack, the rest of the crew survived the crash landing at Kinloss. One B-17 went lost north of Stavanger.

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