Heinkel He 111 H-6 Kvaløya Troms

3./I./KG 26 Lufttorpedostaffel 1H+LK WNr.7147 04.07 1942

25 Heinkel bombers of KG 26 took off from Bardufoss to attack convoy PQ 17. 1H+LK received several hits during the attack and starboard engine stopped. When they reached Malangen, the second engine stopped too. The pilot Oblt.Scöner made a successful emergency landing in the fjord. Uffz.Alfred Milewski (wounded), Fw.Schumann and Uffz.Beser were rescued by a Norwegian fishing boat.

The Lufttorpedostaffel attacked convoy PQ 17 three times this day. The "Löwengeschwader" KG 26 lost four Heinkels:
1H+GH (Lt.Konrad Hennemann)
WNr.7156 1H+MH (Lt.Georg Kaunmeyr).
WNr.4966 ditched in the Barents sea. In addition a BV 138C (WNr.0310119 7R+HH) was lost.

The crew were brought to Tromsø onboard a German patrol boat the day after the crash.

The next day another He 111 of I./KG 26 (WNr.7084) made a forced landing in the sea at Malangen. Luftwaffe lost 11 aircrafts during the attacks on convoy PQ 17

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The remains of the Heinkel bomber rests upside down at a depth of 32 to 36 meters.
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Insignia of I./KG 26
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